Sumpro Platinum Sump Pump Backup System - iSP20239

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The Sumpro Platinum Sump Pump Battery Backup System - iSP20239 is a top-of-the-line solution for homeowners seeking ultimate protection against basement flooding. This reliable and efficient system, manufactured by the trusted brand Ion Technologies, is specifically designed to provide an uninterrupted power supply to your sump pump during power outages. With its cutting-edge technology and unmatched performance, the Sumpro Platinum ensures that your basement remains dry and safeguarded even in the most challenging conditions. This sump pump battery backup system is a must-have addition for any homeowner seeking peace of mind and long-lasting protection for their basement. Get the Sumpro Platinum today and experience the ultimate in sump pump backup systems.

Smart Inverter

The Sumpro sump pump backup is a fully-automatic auxiliary power source that takes DC battery power and converts it into 115 VAC power to run the sump pump when standard power fails or is not available. The Sumpro sump pump backup system uses a reliable, high efficiency charging system to manage the optimal charging of the Power Plus sump pump battery. During a power emergency, the Sumpro will power your sump pumps with two deep cycle maintenance-free Power Plus batteries, keeping your sump pumps running between 15 and 20 hours on average. By adding extra batteries, you can double or triple the run time.

Powerful Sump Pumps

The Sumpro Platinum sump pump backup system incorporates two 3/4 HP, high efficient sump pumps capable of pumping 84 gallons a minute at 10’ of lift, each. The sump pumps are ideal for use in heavy-duty sump and utility applications. Other features include an cast iron impeller and a unique compact heavy-duty design.

Intelligent Sump Pump Control

Ion Genesis sump pump controller monitors all sump pump activity including sump pump running current, sump pump operational trending, and sump pump diagnostics. The sump pump water level control can be adjusted on the Ion Genesis without having to access the sump pit.

This drainage package Includes:

  • 1, Sumpro 1800W inverter
  • 2, 3/4HP sump pumps with the Ion digital sump pump switch
  • 1, Ion Genesis User Programmable Sump Pump Controller
  • Inverter max output - 12 amps


  • 2, Power Plus Batteries (select option above)

Sumpro Platinum Sales Brochure
Sumpro Platinum Operators Manual
Sumpro Inverter Troubleshooting Guide