DC Series Sump Pump Backup System

The 2100 DC sump pump backup system is truly the best value in flood protection. Unlike other manufacturer’s entry level systems and the ones you find at the hardware store, the 2100DC sump pump backup utilizes the very best components. The heavy duty 12 volt DC sump pump and adjustable sump pump switch are much more reliable and pumps more water than the leading brands. The 8 amp heavy duty charger unit uses a sophisticated processor based charge that will not damage deep cycle batteries, even maintenance free AGM type.  A built in alarm and indicator lights will let you know the status of your sump pump backup system at all times. The sump pump base avoids having to hang the pump from a pipe or leave it on the bottom of the basin where it can become clogged from debris. For optimal performance, install Metropolitan Industries' maintenance-free AGM Power + Battery (not included).