Ion Technologies SumpPro Sump Pump Backup Inverter (iS20281)

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SumpPro 1800W sump pump battery backup inverter.


The SumpPro sump pump battery backup inverter sets the standard in modern flood protection and is ideal for larger homes or residences that are affected by severe weather or high water intake. The Sumpro sump pump battery backup inverter incorporates a reliable back-up power supply with a fully automatic Sumpro charging unit. The Sumpro inverter can replace your existing sump pump backup inverter to protect against sump pump failure from power outages. The Sumpro sump pump backup inverter provides superior performance, dependability and peace of mind.

Smart Inverter

Sumpro is a fully-automatic auxiliary power source for your sump pump that takes DC battery power and converts it into 115 VAC power when standard power fails or is not available. The Sumpro™ uses a reliable and accurate, high efficiency charging system to manage and control the charging function. During a power emergency, the Sumpro™ will power your pumps with two deep cycle maintenance-free marine batteries keeping your pumps running and your basement dry between 15 and 20 hours on average.

This SumpPro sump pump battery backup inverter includes:

  • 1, SumpPro 1800W inverter


  • 2, Power + Batteries (select option above)

Specifications: Input: 60Hz., 120 VAC, 12 AMP Output: 120 VAC, 15 AMP at .80 service factor Max HP: 1/2 Full one year guarantee.

Sumpro Inverter Brochure

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