Sump Pump Batteries

Sump pump batteries are essential backup power sources that ensure your sump pump continues to function during power outages. These reliable batteries provide much-needed electricity when utility power is unavailable, keeping your basement dry and preventing water damage. They are specifically designed to work with Ion sump pumps, offering optimal performance and extended run times. Sump pump batteries are deep cycle batteries, providing long-lasting power and exceptional reliability. Investing in a quality sump pump battery is crucial to protect your property and keep your sump pump operating efficiently. With reliable sump pump batteries, you can have peace of mind knowing that your basement will stay dry even during power failures.

Simply connect your 1 Power Plus sump pump backup battery to your sump pump backup inverter. There is no need to ever perform maintenance for the life of the sump pump battery.

Maintenance free
Lasts twice as long as typical sump pump backup battery
Completely sealed and spill-proof with no exposure to hazardous chemicals
Safe for standard shipping anywhere in the U.S.
Works with virtually all types of sump pump backup inverter
Performs up to 35% better than standard deep cycle sump pump backup battery