Ion Technologies - Genesis II Pump Controller (Without Sensors) (ING20413)

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Ion Genesis Sump Pump Controller Without Sensors

Ion Genesis has an easy to read LCD display lets you know the status of your sump pump system at a quick glance. Ion Genesis technology replaces your old sump pump controller that uses mechanical sump pump switch. A mechanical sump pump switch will fail due to the wear and tear of sump pump environment.

Ion Genesis Features

  • Programmable sump pump controller keeps user in control of all operations
  • Ion Genesis microprocessor based technology controls sump pump run times
  • For both single and duplex sump pump applications
  • Optional Alarm Dialer is available to connect the Ion Genesis controller to remote alarm contacts

Ion Genesis Controller Is Intelligent and Simple to Install

  • Ion Genesis will automatically detect how many sump pumps are connected during power-up of the system.
  • Can determine if a sump pump malfunctions by trending water levels in sump pit
  • Allows user to adjust sump pump turn-on in increments of 1/2” without entering sump pump pit
  • Ion Genesis continuously monitors and diagnoses sump pump operation with Ion digital sump pump switch (not included)
  • Simple installation with no hardwiring or complex programming involved
  • Ion Genesis efficiently cycles sump pumps and minimizes pump turn-on cycles
  • Allow user to adjust turn-on height with use of controller without entering sump pit (especially useful for radon or sealed pits)
  • Can detect a broken or stalled sump pump impeller
  • Can detect an obstruction in the sump pump discharge pipe
  • Will detect pump failure and if in duplex mode will run the other pump
  • Will detect excessive water flow and will determine if it exceeds pump discharge capacity level
  • Will alert user to a high water situations and compensate by overriding the primary sensor and continue to run pumps
  • Will sound an alarm for any of the above conditions
  • Easy to read LCD display keep users informed of vital sump pump operations
  • Dimensions are 4.62” Width x 7.62” Height x 2.27” Deep


Ion Genesis Brochure

Ion Genesis Operations Manual

3 Years