Ion+ Digital Level Control With Alarm and Pipe Bracket (10' Cord) (iNP20306)

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Product Overview

Digital Level Control with High Water Alarm

  • World’s first digital piggyback style sump & sewage pump level control sensor with integrated alarms.
  • Provides alarm notification via an audible buzzer, LED indicators, and dry alarm contact.
  • Device can be connected to external alarm notification systems such as our Ion Gateway® or MetroMail systems, for real-time notification capability.
  • Ion® digital level control technology provides superior performance and reliability when compared to industry standard mechanical pump switches.

Sytem Specifications

  • Built in alarm and monitoring system
  • Power, system and high water LEDs indicate system status
  • Audible alarm buzzer
  • Dry contact
  • Remote alarm port – type RJ11
  • First of a kind solid-state sensing technology with no moving parts
  • Starts and stops pump via the piggyback pump power receptacle
  • Multipoint sealing mechanism that supersedes single surface seals
  • Inverter rated for use with most battery backup systems
  • No contact points
  • 3 year warranty


(No reviews yet) Write a Review