Saber Sump Pit Lids

Available in 8 configurations.

Starting 8/1/22 SumpDirect will no longer stock the Saber Sump Pit and be able to sell individual pits. This change is primarily due to high shipping costs involved with stocking the pits.The good news is that SumpDirect is able to ship bulk freight orders factory direct. The Saber Pit minimum order will be in increments of 12 pits per pallet. Factory direct freight shipping cost per pit are significantly reduced as compared to shipping individual pits. Currently average bulk freight shipping cost per pit is $40 per pit as compared to $120 per individual pit.

You still will be able to order individual pits until current in-house stock is depleted. 

Here are the links to bulk pit ordering:
Saber Sump Pit Bulk Orders (Qty 12) - 1 Piece (SPT PERF) - SumpDirect
Saber Sump Pit - 2 Piece (Qty 12) (SPTP PERF BULK) - SumpDirect

Thank you for your business and understanding in these challenging times.