Saber Sump Pit - 1 Piece (24" High x 18" Top Diameter x 24" Bottom Diameter)

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  • Saber Sump Pit Lid
  • Saber Sump Pit Lid
  • Saber Sump Pit Lid
  • Saber Sump Pit Lid
  • Saber Sump Pit Lid
  • Saber Sump Pit Lid
  • BA33i Sump Pump (With Level Control)

The Saber Sump Pit

Features and Benefits

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  • Saber Sump Pit Brochure
  • Recommended and used by engineers and industry professionals.
  • The Saber sump pit is rotational molded from high quality, impact resistant polyethylene. Significantly out performs typical injection molded polyethylene structural foam sump basins that are rigid.
  • Seamless and corrosion proof.
  • The Saber sump pit will not fail under soil shifting or ground heaving conditions.
  • Can be used for indoor or outdoor applications.
  • Set at any depth using the Saber sump pit 12" extensions.
  • The sump basin reduces subsurface soil moisture content.
  • Efficient, affordable and guaranteed for life.
  • Accommodates up to 2 sump pumps for backup applications. 
  • Works well with SumpDirect's Ion Technologies sump pumps.
  • This engineered sump pit incorporates side wall tank perforations drilled at optimal placement and density to allow ground water to flow freely into the sump pit while minimizing sediment infiltration.

  • Can be used for sub-grade applications inside or outside at any depth (using Saber sump pit 12" extensions).


  • Saber Sump Pit Modular Design







  • Top: 18”

  • Bottom: 24”

  • Height: 24”

  • Capacity: 39.5 gallons



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