Ion StormPro Saber Sump Pit Kit with 1/2 HP Sump Pump (HP20310-K)

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Product Overview

StormPro Sump Pump and Sump Pit Kit


This StormPro sump pump kit includes a single pump sump pit, StormPro sump pump, and an Ion digital sump pump switch. The Ion digital sump pump switch uses smart computer technology to replace the mechanical sump pump switch moving parts for the ultimate in reliability. The sump pump and sump pit drainage products in this sump pump kit include:

  • 1, Saber pump sump pit with clear, gasketed lid. The Saber sump pit scavenges ground water quickly while minimizing sediment infiltration. Best sump pit on the market. The sump pit can be lowered to any depth by utilizing the 12 inch sump pit extensions
  • 1, StormPro 1/2 HP sump pump. Designed for water flow rates when perimeter drain piping is connected to the sump pit.
  • 1, Ion digital sump pump switch is an electronic sump pump switch that significantly improves reliability because the sensor has no moving parts like a mechanical sump pump switch.


Ion StormPro BA50i Sump Pump Brochure

Saber Sump Pit Brochure

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review